Habitat for Humanity Application download.

posted over 6 years ago by bjoyd from Siskiyou Habitat for Humanity
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To apply for building or repair assistance you can download this form, fill it out and mail back to us. We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding information needed. Each application will be reviewed and you will be contacted. http://habitatsiskiyou.org/sd/Boles%20Fire%20Housing%20Application-updated%2010-2014.pdf

Debris Removal and Insurance

posted over 6 years ago by uphelp from United Policyholders
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We have gotten a few questions about Debris Removal and Insurance. Here is our publication on this specific issue. Please share this with anyone affected by the wildfire. http://uphelp.org/library/resource/debris-removal-after-partial-or-total-loss

If anyone does not have a complete copy of their insurance policy we have a sample letter to help: http://uphelp.org/library/resource/sample-letter-requesting-complete-copy-homeowners-policy


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