June 2017 Update

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Weed LTRG Report 6/15/17 Audra Beylik, Public Information Officer, weedltrg@gmail.com

The LTRG Case Management and Volunteer Coordinator continue to assist in matching available resources and volunteer help to ensure fairness and prevent duplication of services for those households affected by the 2014 Boles Fire. The Case Manager reports approximately 22 cases of survivors still with assistance requests, 15 of those in regards to soil delivery. Case management is communicating with homeowners about requests and insuring that permits are in place, liability insurance is up to date, and materials are ready.

As the summer ends, staffing of these key positions will be reduced as funding earmarked for them ends by late fall.

Between now and the end of September, the Volunteer Coordinator has lined up over 14 volunteer teams - and counting - ranging from 6 – 26 team members each; 9 of them are returning teams from previous years! These volunteers work on residential rebuilding efforts throughout the fire affected area as well as on the Siskiyou Habit for Humanity homes currently under construction. They will come from the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Eureka, Yuba City, Reno and Oregon.

A local welcome is much appreciated for these volunteers coming to work in our community. If you, or your church or service group would like to host a team welcome dinner or provide lunch/lunches, please contact Brenda Duchi at 530 408-0023. It is amazing how sharing a meal is appreciated by the volunteers and helps them get to know each other, members of the Weed community, and our construction team.

Other than the 4 Siskiyou Habitat houses, most of the volunteer help in rebuilding goes towards assistance with a fencing or landscaping for the remaining homes requesting it.

The funding for the third and last sandy soil and soil amendment delivery has been approved for those who signed up by the June 9th deadline. Registered participants will have one day (date yet to be determined) this fall when the final distribution will occur. Questions? Contact Andrea Herr at 530 408-0012.

Fiscal Report Upon recommendations of Weed LTRG Executive Committee: $9,000 of support for the third and last sandy soil and soil amendment delivery was approved on June 13, 2017.

Shasta Regional Community Disaster Relief Fund Funds Raised to Date by SRCF $641,356.97 Grants Recommended/Disbursed ($577,826.00) Subtotal $63,530.97 Refunds $8,981.58 Funds Remaining Today $72,512.55

United Way of Northern CA Total donations to Boles Fire Relief Fund $202,378.02 Total Grants to Date ($71,770.00) Total Balance Remaining $130,608.02

Upcoming meetings • The LTRG meets next on Tuesday, July 11th at 2 pm in the Community Room at Great Northern Services, 310 Boles Street. These meetings are open to the public. • The Executive Committee will be meeting with key stakeholders to discuss funding requests for the Weed Community Building, the biggest community project that remains to be constructed to restore Weed’s community-held assets to pre-Boles Fire status. • The Resources Committee will meet July 20th at 10 AM at Solano’s

Contact info: • Case Manager Andrea Herr at 530 408-0012; aherrwltrg@gmail.com • Construction Coordinator: Patrick (Pat) Olson : 530 925-1426; olypat60@gmail.com • Volunteer Team Coordinator: Brenda Duchi: 530 408-0023; bjoyd.wltrg@gmail.com • Long Term Recovery Group Email: weedltrg@gmail.com or visit www.weed.recovers.org • Weed LTRG Office location (by appointment): 150 Alamo Street, Weed, CA Physical mailing address is Weed Long Term Recovery Group, PO Box 635, Weed, CA 96094 • Weed Recovers LTRG tab is on the City’s website home page updated with important information as it becomes available. www.ci.weed.ca.us

More information can be found through the Weed Press online at http://www.mtshastanews.com


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