February 2017 LTRG Council Report

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Here is an updated report from the Weed Long Term Recovery Group as we head into the new year and building season. Contact information is included in the report if you have any questions.

Case Management continues to coordinate resources and volunteer help to ensure fairness and prevent duplication of services for those households affected by the 2014 Boles Fire. Results of a phone survey have tallied 26 Boles Fire households requesting various forms of assistance in the upcoming building season. LTRG Volunteer Coordinator reports that there are 13 groups with scheduled dates to offer volunteer skills beginning in March. Working together with LTRG Construction Coordinator, it is anticipated that by the three-year anniversary date of September 15, 2017, the building needs of those working within the case management structure will be completed. This progress can be attributed to a generous community of donors, volunteers, city and LTRG staff coordination and public support. Beginning March1st, LTRG staff is expected to return to part time office hours in the LTRG office located upstairs from the library at 150 Alamo for those who would like to check in on any outstanding needs as a result of the Boles Fire.

Fiscal Report

Shasta Regional Community Disaster Relief Fund

-$641,356.97 Funds Raised to Date by SRCF

-($489,203.42) Grants Recommended/Disbursed

-$8,981.58 Refunds (Weed Rotary Foundation and City of Weed)

  • $161,135.13 Funds Remaining Today

United Way of Northern CA

  • $202,378.02 Total donations to Boles Fire Relief Fund
  • ($70,270.00) Total Grants to Date
  • $132,108.02 Total Balance Remaining

Any community recovery projects that anticipate a need of funding should call Amanda Hutchings at the Shasta Regional Community Foundation at 530-244-1219 or research grant opportunities at www.shastarcf.org AND/OR contact Norma Mosqueda, Program Services Administrator, United Way of Northern California, 2280 Benton Dr. Building B, Redding, CA 96003, 530.241.7521, www.norcalunitedway.org

Upcoming meetings Due to a winter break in the action, the LTRG meets next on Tuesday, March 14th at 2 pm in the new conference room at Great Northern Services, 310 Boles Street (note location change). These meetings are open to the public. The Executive Committee will continue to meet to consider any Disaster Relief Fund or United Way funding requests as they come up. Contact info: · Case Manager Andrea Herr at 530 408-0012; aherrwltrg@gmail.com · Construction Coordinator: Patrick (Pat) Olson : 530 925-1426; olypat60@gmail.com · Volunteer Team Coordinator: Brenda Duchi: 530 408-0023; bjoyd.wltrg@gmail.com · Long Term Recovery Group Email: weedltrg@gmail.com or visit www.weed.recovers.org · Weed LTRG Office location: 150 Alamo Street, Weed, CA Physical mailing address is Weed Long Term Recovery Group, PO Box 635, Weed, CA 96094 · Weed Recovers LTRG tab is on the City’s website home page updated with important information as it becomes available. www.ci.weed.ca.us


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