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Fiscal Report Shasta Regional Community Disaster Relief Fund has distributed $488,703.42 Remaining balance of $152,653.55

United Way of Northern CA has distributed $69,270 with a remaining balance of $133,108.02

Projects in need of funding can call Amanda Hutchings at the Shasta Regional Community Foundation at 530-244- 1219 or research grant opportunities at AND/OR contact United Way of Northern California, 2280 Benton Dr. Building B, Redding, CA 96003, 530.241.7521,

When the disaster hit, the recovery organizers were advised by emergency responders that it could take up to four years to restore the community to its pre-fire condition. As such, we are reminded that remaining funds are still likely to be needed for projects that have yet to surface that will benefit the survivors and the community of Weed.

Case Management is coordinating resources and volunteer help for survivors who would like assistance in any phase of recovery. Call Andrea Herr, 408-0012 at the LTRG office located upstairs from the library at 150 Alamo. Several families have asked for help with weed removal required by the City of Weed. Some case management with the Siskiyou Habitat families continues although the Siskiyou Habitat for Humanity partners are doing the bulk of the needed work now to facilitate the building of these homes. A representative of the Kern Community Foundation was referred by the SRCF and we shared our recovery procedures and strategies with them as they are managing donations for a large fire in Kern County.

Gratitude Moment: At the request of a member who had been part of a volunteer team here, the Chico Trinity Methodist Church donated scholarships for two children impacted by the fire to attend Shasta Children’s Camp August 3-6. Two brothers were found who wanted to attend.

Volunteer Coordination 15 survivors building homes this year have had assistance from volunteers coordinated by LTRG. Locals are also needed for upcoming volunteer projects, especially as the summer winds down. If anyone wants to be involved whether it’s hosting logistics or hands on, please contact Brenda Duchi at 530.408.0023. One volunteer group will be returning in November for the third time since the fire. They feel appreciated and valued for their efforts. Tentative schedules for 2017 are already being set up.

Construction - Weed Building Department reports as of 8/10/16  47 homes have received final or temp occupancy permits 9 houses under construction 2 churches under construction No homes in plan check at this time that are fire related

Resources Ford Family Foundation has committed $150,000 to help Siskiyou Habitat For Humanity with 3rd and 4 th houses they have accepted applications for. The first two and a portion of the third have been made possible by fundraising and generous donations gathered by the Weed Rotary Club. Phase 2 of the ‘Dirt Project’ of the Weed Rotary Foundation and the Community Disaster Relief Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation is planned for September. Registration for these Fall ’16 deliveries of soil and amendments are now underway, with 7 families already signed up. Any other survivors wanting to take part in this program or having other recovery needs should call Andrea Herr at 530.408.0012.

Media Coverage A Boles Fire survivor was interviewed by North State Public Radio about the impact of the work of the Weed Long Term Recovery Group on her family’s recovery and how the work done by the teams of young people who came to help impacted them. The interview is part of a series hosted by North State Public Radio and Shasta Regional Community Foundation to highlight agencies doing important work in northern CA communities. The series is being edited and will air on NSPR and JPR beginning in the Fall.

Upcoming meetings The LTRG meets monthly - next on Tuesday, September 13 at 2 pm at the Parks and Rec Conference Room at Bel Air Park on College Avenue. These meetings are open to the public. The Executive Committee will meet to consider any Disaster Relief Fund or United Way funding requests as they come up outside of these meeting times. The next WLTRG Resources Committee meeting is August 18, 2016, 10 am at Solano's Home Improvement-- Weed.

Contact info:  Case Manager Andrea Herr at 530 408-0012;  Construction Coordinator: Patrick (Pat) Olson : 530 925-1426; Volunteer Team Coordinator: Brenda Duchi: 530 408-0023; Long Term Recovery Group Email: or visit  Weed LTRG Office location: 150 Alamo Street, Weed, CA Physical mailing address is Weed Long Term Recovery Group, PO Box 635, Weed, CA 96094 Weed Recovers LTRG tab is on the City’s website home page updated with important information as it becomes available.

LTRG Public Information Officer: Audra Gibson 530-859-1607


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