Boles Fire Survivors - Response Requested as to Readiness for Soil and Amendments

posted over 4 years ago by WeedLTRG from Weed Long Term Recovery Group
This update is over 30 days old.

A committee of the Weed Long Term Recovery Group is working on a plan to provide soil to interested homeowners who have rebuilt their houses in Weed. In time, they plan to provide this service to other property owners who are currently rebuilding but are not yet ready for soil.

This is a sandy soil from Roseburg Forest Products property near Weed. Roseburg is donating the soil.

The details are still being worked out, but in order to know how many homeowners would be interested in receiving this soil and how much each household needs, a response from interested parties is requested.

To determine how much soil your property might need, measure the square footage of your yard and report that measurement to the Weed LTRG Case Manager, Andrea Herr (contact info below). The project coordinators will convert your measurements to cubic yards. The plan at this point is to deliver the soil to the property in need for households with a Boles Fire card. At this time, this offer is for homes that have been completed or are close to being completed and would be ready for landscaping.

The committee is also working on a plan to supply a quantity of soil amendment to each homeowner that receives the soil.

The funding and delivery details are still being worked out. It is important for planning purposes that you contact Weed LTRG ASAP by May 17, 2016 if you would like to receive some soil.

Call or email, whatever your decision or timing, so that the committee can be sure that everyone knows about this offer.

Andrea Herr, Case Manager for Boles Fire Survivors Weed Long Term Recovery Group 150 Alamo (above the library) P.O. Box 635 Weed CA 96094 530-408-0012


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