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This update is over 30 days old.

Contact info: Case Manager Andrea Herr at 530 408-0012; aherrwltrg@gmail.com Construction Coordinator: Patrick (Pat) Olson : 530 925-1426; olypat60@gmail.com Volunteer Team Coordinator: Brenda Duchi: 530 408-0023; bjoyd.wltrg@gmail.com For more info, email weedltrg@gmail.com or visit www.weed.recovers.org

During this season, the LTRG is meeting monthly - next on Tuesday, March 8th and again on Tuesday April 12th at 2 pm at the Parks and Rec Conference Room at Bel Air Park on College Avenue. These meetings are open to the public. The Executive Committee will meet to consider any Disaster Relief Fund or United Way funding requests as they come up outside of these meeting times.

All but one of the property owners and renters that lost a primary residence in the fire have been contacted for an update. Data is being compiled by Case Management staff into Excel spreadsheets. With respect for the confidentiality of those contacted a generalized summary is offered: There were 117 primary residences lost in the fire, add to that houses that burned that no one was living in at the time. 44 houses that were primary residences have been rebuilt or are under construction. At least 28 survivors are reporting that their insurance is "unsettled". 50 homeowners have requested volunteer assistance ranging from major construction to fence building and landscaping help. Approximately 20 homeowners have moved away from Weed. Next priority will include gathering information from owners of rental and nonresidential property to have a more complete picture for Weed's recovery.

Case Management will continue to research the scope of "unsettled insurance issues" in order to advocate for these survivors. Subsequently, research will begin with landlords and non-residential property owners' assessment.

City staff reports at present: 59 buildings are somewhere in the build/permitting process. Construction coordinator, Pat Olson continues to meet with team leaders from volunteer groups who are planning to be in town for the upcoming building season. Together with the Volunteer Coordinator, Brenda Duchi, and an active volunteer Resources Committee, the LTRG staff is organizing the schedule of volunteer teams, projects and resources to aid survivors. According to LTRG staff assessments, landscaping/topsoil issues are a big financial concern for property owners. The team is scoping out a nonprofit or other organization to take on this project currently dubbed “Get the Dirt on Weed!"

LTRG members attended the most recent Resiliency workshop to gain a better understanding of their process. Although the mission of the Long Term Recovery Group is targeted to the time bound recovery period specifically from the Boles Fire, some of our members may become more involved as the now underway Resiliency Plan for the City of Weed emerges.


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