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Time and weather is changing as we hopefully anticipate a wet winter in our area. For those rebuilding from the impact of the Boles Fire, this is a critical time.

The Weed Long Term Recovery Group construction committee is in need of local volunteers to help on projects so that homes that have started building can be framed and enclosed before any more weather hits. The committee also needs help with fence building. Apparently there are several owners who cannot move home until their pets are secured.

It’s been a year since the disastrous fire, and for many in the community of Weed, it’s only the beginning of a long haul back to a normal life. Outside interest and assistance is waning in light of other events that are more on the forefront of the news and need.

Committee chair, Pat Olson will be giving tours of the Boles burn area on two upcoming Saturdays (November 7th and 14th) and meeting with potential volunteers about what projects are needed.

Please contact him for details if you have any time or expertise you can lend to our neighbors in Weed. You can reach him by email at weedltrg@gmail.com or call 530.925.1426.

Thank you!


  • Nov. 7th is now closed. Please plan on joining us Nov. 14th. Contact for time and place.

    WeedLTRG "(almost 5 years ago)"
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