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Scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 15th, we have a goal to “frame and close” a house in Angel Valley within two weeks. This is made possible by the Long Term Recovery Group construction and volunteer coordination of 50+ local and out of town volunteers from Santa Rosa and Eureka who want to assist with the project. They will work in rotating shifts to get the house closed in.

Pusher Inc. of Dunsmuir will record the progress and edit into a video to commemorate the event. Stidham Trucking of Yreka and the Weed Rotary Club have made possible a portable storage container for volunteer use and materials during rebuilding efforts.


  • What is the location? Is there a contact I can call re volunteering?

    drwings "(about 5 years ago)"
  • Our volunteer coordinator, Brenda Duchi can be reached at or 530408.0023. Thank you for your offer!

    WeedLTRG "(about 5 years ago)"
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