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OK Everyone – This is it!

Bob Hall has arranged for a truck to be at Crystal Geyser Tuesday morning, so we need everyone there to close boxes and load the truck on Tuesday, April 21st starting at 9am. We will work until we are done. There is no lunch arranged or provided, but there are bathrooms, so please bring a sack lunch. Some people will be packing boxes while others will be loading pallets onto the truck. Zach is going to arrange for a forklift if possible.

Wednesday is the really tough day. The truck will be driven down to the Weed Merc, and we unload out onto the street. From there we break down the pallets and HAND CARRY them up to the third floor of the Weed Merc. Bob Hall is hoping to get the football team to come help us, but if not, we have a big day ahead of us. The trucking company needs their truck back on Wednesday night, so this all has to happen quickly.

I will bring packing tape and pallet wrapping materials on Wednesday, and if we can find volunteers to help on Wednesday, we can cover the cost of a group lunch. I would love it if someone would step up and arrange the lunch, I will pay for it, and we will get paid back.

Please please please lets help this really work! We need everybody possible to load this very last truck and get it to Weed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please call everyone on your list, especially we need people to help carry boxes. This will be really fun if we can get it done with a bunch of volunteers. If we have enough people, we may be able to do a fireman’s brigade chain up the stairs at the Merc to get things upstairs. Please come join the fun..


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