Ordering for Beds and Appliances

posted over 5 years ago by Tristen from Weed Fire Community Recovery Effort
This update is over 30 days old.

Boles Fire Survivors:

If you have not received beds from the Church of Christ and would like to, the deadline for the next order is TUESDAY, APRIL 21 at the Family and Community Resource Center, 938-9914.

The next bed order probably won't be until August or September. Families and individuals may order beds for up to four people. About the beds:

  1. They are nice brand new mattresses and metal bed frames.

  2. You are entitled to up to 4 sleeping spots" per affected household. Queens and doubles count as "2," Twins count as one. So, for example you can have 1 queen and 2 twins or 2 queens to total your 4 sleeping spots.

  3. You need to have a place to store it. If you see yourself needing your bed between now and the next order date, please find someone to store it for you as the Church of Christ does not have any storage space.

  4. There will only be one more order placed in August/September.

APPLIANCES if you would like to get details about appliance orders, contact the Family and Community Resource Center, 938-9914.

Thank you to the Church of Christ for this amazing service!


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