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Town Hall Meeting Notes March 4, 2015 Audra Gibson, WLTRG Public Information Officer

LTRG Report – Audra We are approaching the six month mark since the disastrous fire. Fiscal Report – Costs for recovery are unfolding all the time in different phases. The SRCF Fund is dedicated to long term, helping Weed become whole again. Eric Kiltz is staying with United Way and will connect with Resources Committee re: available funding. Questions about Dignity Health/Red Cross donation came up. A retired nurse in the audience hoped that some of that money could be used for the rebuilding of the Community/Fitness Center. Sue Tavalero, Rec and Parks board member and Bob Hall explained that the key issue with the Community Center is sustainable funding for operational costs. Anchor tenant(s) would be needed to keep it viable. Rec and Parks district is committed to rebuilding, whether or not a pool will be part of the project remains to be determined. Bob Hall reminded everyone that it took 19 years to get the first one built…. Group had no more questions about SRCF Fund, understanding its relationship to Long Term Recovery and tie to agencies, not individuals. Also encouraged contact with case managers if they have a financial need.

Insurance Deadline of March 14th deadline relates to the replacement value of personal property. Usually you have a clause about replacement value in your policy. They don’t spell out the details, but let’s say you have the maximum amount of coverage to replace the contents in your home. When you go to replace those things when you have a new location to put them, likely they will cost more than what you paid for them. The DIFFERENCE or depreciation value is what you want to ask your insurance company to pay you for replacement. In order to get that higher amount, you will need to ask for it. Sample letters are available from your case manager, or you can download them from on the left side of the home page under “documents” tab. If you have questions, ask your case manager. Ken Palfini explained that this applies to both building and contents replacement value. Insurance companies typically contact the policy holder of pending deadlines, but letters might be lost in the mail due to delivery problems to burned home addresses. Good idea to contact your agent and or carrier to be sure by March 14th.


A number of partners have come together to offer a Community Construction Class through COS with the goal to have each student gain a better understanding of this discipline, making them more marketable to the industry as they look at future employment or become partners in rebuilding homes in the coming months.  Approximately 30 people attended the scoping session explaining the course to be offered at Weed High School by COS and STEP.  The class is to be offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings for 14 weeks, giving students hands on experience in the many elements of building construction while also offering opportunities to network with local contractors and builders.  There is still time to register and learn more, the class is pending final funding and plans are to begin by mid-March.  For more information, call Mike Mathison, Principal at WHS, 938-4774 or visit the website at to download the application.  Class size will be limited to about 30 students.  Mayor Bob Hall added that another component to the class is a “Boot Camp” of sorts aimed to train unemployed residents how to become valuable employees – work ethics.  This project is a public/private partnership to also include ways that residents can work off community service and improve their circumstances and hence, the community at large.

City Manager Ron Stock clarified the insurance issue re: costs for debris removal. He reminded those present that insurance billings use the word “debris” in many different contexts. He assured the audience that no extra charges for haz mat removal will be incurred by property owners above the allowable amount on their policies. The City will be contacting insurance companies to determine actual debris removal costs per property which were covered by the City. Reimbursement checks will come to the property owner made out to the policy holder AND the City, creating the means for the city to be reimbursed for these costs. He stated that the City will be sure that this is no net loss of settlement money to the property owner. This specific info must come from the State, and they are working on it (in between other disasters). Be patient, at no time will the city be charging property owners for initial debris removal.

Craig Sharp – Public Works All sewer lines will be flushed and those that have not yet been capped will be capped beginning March 9th. The plan to alleviate the drainage issues on Shasta and S. Davis is under way and will move forward ASAP.

Paul Morton – Building Department 938-5025 is available for questions!
Please give the courtesy of 24 hours notice for building inspector requests. 17 homes have approved building plans and are in various stages of the process. There are a number of room additions and roof replacements underway. He cautioned – if you don’t’ PERSONALLY know your preferred builder, be sure to get MULTIPLE bids. He has seen some problems regarding this.
There was a question regarding how much might a property owner expect to pay in building fees? It depends typically on the materials and the square footage of the building. Some builders will include these fees in their bids, be sure to ask.

The City has been instructed to direct any questions regarding electrical hookups and undergrounding of utilities directly to Pacific Power. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT ELECTRICITY, CONTACT PPL AT 888-221-7070 AND THEIR STAFF WILL CREATE AN ORDER AROUND YOUR INQUIRY AND SOMEONE WILL CONTACT YOU ASAP. Otherwise, calls to Brad or Dave at the Yreka office will only delay the process that is now underway to design the undergrounding of utilities. PPL has everything they need from the City, and are now coordinating with telephone and cable providers. This involves contract work that must go out to bid. That is the reason it is taking longer than if PPL had just put poles back up and connected properties. The more desirable undergrounding project will take more time, and service connections should go very quickly once the contracts have been awarded. The outside estimate by PPL for project completion is July 1st.

There is no set date for a next meeting. Please use 1. Your Case Manager at the Resource Center, 2) the city website at or city council meetings and 3) email for the Long Term Recovery Group for questions.

Adjourned 8:05 PM


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