Survivor Store at 616 S. Weed Blvd. to Close Dec. 30th

posted over 6 years ago by alysia.garcia.12 from Weed Long Term Recovery Un-met needs
This update is over 30 days old.

Thank you for your generosity of donations. Unfortunately we are no longer taking donations at the distribution center at 616 S. Weed Blvd The store will be closing December 30th 2014.

What will happen to all the items at the store when it closes on December 30th?

What we have been doing is calling all the homeless shelters, domestic violence, nursing homes and asking them if they need travel size personal care items which is what we have an abundance of. Then we will ask the local thrift shops to come get anything they need that will stay in our community. Salvation Army has already taken some. If any family still has needs they may go to the resource center and get a voucher to any of the Salvation Army stores in Redding, Medford or Klamath Falls.


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