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United Policyholders is a non-profit organization that is a voice and an information resource for insurance consumers in all 50 states. We have helped guide disaster survivors on the road to recovery for over twenty years.

Here is a checklist to help keep you on track during this stressful time:

  • Take care of your family’s needs first.
  • Housing is a priority – talk to your insurance company about the housing expense allowance.
  • Keep a diary of who you talked to, the number you called, date and time, what was said. Keep all of your paperwork organized and together.
  • Take photos of your property before any cleanup or debris removal.
  • Get a complete and current copy of your insurance policy.
  • Ask for a cash advance for Additional Living Expenses (ALE).
  • Do not rush into signing contracts and avoid making major financial decisions in the first few weeks.
  • Check references carefully before hiring any vendor or professional.
  • Use the free help and resources that are available at:


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