• An Update Form to receive $100 Gift Card for Ray's

    We would like to invite you to come by our offices above the Weed Library at 150 Alamo to help us update our contact information for you and to receive a $100 Ray’s card. This includes renters and homeowners who lost their primary residence. We look forward to seeing you. Thank you for your help updating our records and information. We wish you a happy holiday season. Andrea Herr, Case Manager for Boles Fire Survivors Weed Long Term Recovery Group 530-408-0012
  • Shasta Regional Community Foundation Community Disaster Relief Fund Itemized Grant Report

    Itemized Funds Disbursements From SRCF Disaster Relief Fund
  • Tips and Sample Letters Requesting Insurance March 14, 2015 Deadline Extensions

    Many policies require you to repair or replace property within a certain number of days after a loss in order to recover full replacement value (above actual cash value). 180 days (6 months- MARCH 14, 2015) is common. It is also common for insurance companies to extend these deadlines, but generally they won’t volunteer to do so, you must ask in writing and give a valid reason. Fire survivors will need to review their policy to check for deadlines. Here is a publication on extending policy deadlines to help people know what to look for, along with two sample letters (one specific to the deadline on replacing/repairing property and one more general addressing all the deadlines ) Emily for United Policy Holders non-profit advocate organization will also post these on their Boles Fire page at
  • Town Hall Meeting Notes March 4, 2015

    Notes from Town Hall meeting on March 4th at Weed High School.
  • Volunteer Information Form

    Organizations please use the following information form so that we can track intake of volunteers. Please return these and the volunteer sign in sheets to Tristen Holden at 260 Main Street so we can track hours for possible funding opportunities.
  • Volunteer Sign In

    Please return volunteer sign in sheets to Tristen Holden at 260 Main Street by 10/1/2014 so we can track hours for possible government funding.